Month: May 2014


Maximize Your Driving Experience – Our Tire Center

tiresTires from Your Dealership

No one knows how to care for your Nissan better than the experts at your dealership. Certified Service mechanics and technicians know your vehicle inside and out. When it comes to parts, including tires, your dealership understands that the right components provide superb performance and handling for the highest quality standards. Trust them to have the right tires when you need them. Help ensure a safe, comfortable ride with a set of Nissan-recommended tires.

Tires Approved for Your Nissan

Whether you drive a Versa, Maxima, Armada or any other Nissan model, your tires were selected to provide superior performance and comfort. Nissan performs extensive evaluations to determine which tires are best suited for each vehicle. Whether your car requires Continental, Goodyear, Hankook or another quality tire brand, you can trust that the Nissan Tire Center includes the approved, recommended brands to deliver the best driving experience.

Performance, Comfort, and Safety

The Nissan Tire Center provides tire options in all approved sizes to meet most customers’ brand preferences. Competitively priced tires are selected to provide an exceptional driving experience with characteristics including superior handling for wet or dry traction, stability, tread life, acoustics, comfort and rolling resistance, which impacts fuel economy. These considerations, as well as load and speed ratings, determine which brands and tire types are approved for use on your vehicle.


One to One Rewards at Midway Nissan

midway_nissan_rewardsWith Midway Nissan’s One to One Rewards program, our most valuable customers earn points toward great discounts!

No Cost to You!
This program card costs you nothing. It is our way of rewarding our most valuable customers.

Dealer Rewards
When you enroll in One to One Rewards Program, we will preload your cards with sales and service points. And everytime you have a consumer pay transaction at our dealership you will earn a percent or purchase back on your card.

The Sky Is the Limit
As a One to One Rewards Member, you will earn a generous reward on all consumer-pay purchases, before tax, when you shop at Midway Nissan’s service, parts, or collision repair departments.

Your purchase points can be used to pay for your next visit to Midway Nissan or the points can be accumulated.

Midway Nissan Thanks You
The One to One Rewards program card is Midway Nissan’s way to thank you to our loyal customers and those who help Midway Nissan prosper. We appreciate your business!

One to One Rewards points or dollars cannot be redeemed for cash. The One to One Reward program reserves the right to cancel or modify the program at any time.


Rewards+Plus at Midway Nissan allows you to shop at over 300 prominent retail stores online. Each purchase earns bonus points that can be used at Midway Nissan.

Earning More Points For Your Next Midway Nissan Visit is Easy!

Here are the 3 easy steps for earning more points:

  1. Login at
  2. Click on rewards+plus button. View all discounts and special offers and start shopping! Your One to One Reward+Plus points will automatically post to your account 30-45 days from shipment of you online purchase. It is really that easy!
  3. Check the one to One Rewards Program website regularly to track all retailer bonus points on the transaction History Page of the One to One Rewards Program website.

The One to One Rewards program card costs you nothing. It is Midway Nissan’s way of rewarding out most valuable customers!


When you enroll in this program, we will pre-load your card with sales and service points. And every time you have a transaction at Midway Nissan you will earn a percentage of your purchase back on your card. You can use your purchase points to pay for your next Midway Nissan visit.


Your rewards card allows you to shop over 300 leading retailers online only where each purchase earns you bonus points that can only be used at Midway Nissan. To start shopping log in at and click on “Rewards+Plus” button. View all discounts and special offers and START SHOPPING! Your points will automatically post to your account 30-45 days from shipment of your online purchase. It really is that easy!


Not at all! The One to One Rewards program card is our way of saying thank you for being a loyal member of the Midway Nissan family. We value your business and thank you for your buying confidence!


We have partnered with hundreds of big name retailers, such as Best Buy, Target, Barnes & Nobles, etc. Shop online at one of our partners through your Nissan One to One Rewards account and receive owner points toward your Nissan. Let those points build up and use them at our dealership. If you were going to shop at those stores anyway, might as well get rewards for your vehicle!

We keep track of your reward earnings each time you visit . You are also able to track your points by logging on to