Hidden Perks of AAA


When you think of AAA, you probably think of roadside assistance–towing, jumpstarts, etc. But did you know that your AAA membership can also score you discounts, financial services, and other perks? If you don’t have a membership, here’s why you might want to consider one… And if you do have one, make sure you’re taking advantage of these hidden perks!

  • Travel Services & Discounts: You can get free domestic maps, tourbook guides, and travel planners when you stop by your local AAA branch. The free tourbook guides offer a ton of information on the route and area you plan on travelling. If you’re gearing up for a road trip, it’s a good idea to have a paper map. If you lose signal, or your battery dies, you’ll still be covered. You can also use the TripTik Travel Planner on your branch’s web site.

  • Theme Park Tickets: You can save money on tickets to several theme parks, and even get a discount on merchandise inside. Universal Studios, Disney parks, Six Flags, and many others give AAA discounts on admission. Sometimes AAA will even do Member Appreciation Days and offer tickets for specific dates far cheaper than their own standard discounts.

  • Parking: In metropolitan areas, where parking can be a real pain, some lots and garages will give discounts to AAA members. You can also find parking discounts for airport parking.

See more hidden AAA perks over at Lifehacker.


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